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Our company provides services of professional text proofreading for professors, teachers, postgraduate students and businesses. One of our priorities is to satisfy the growing demand on proofreading services of scientific content, articles in Russian, English, Spanish and other foreign languages. We are occupied with proofreading and copyediting of dissertations, scientific papers, magazine articles, books, essays, etc.

We offer professional services at affordable prices with the fixed fee per a standard page (see price). Price is stable no matter the text difficulty and a number of corrections made.

Our company has completed a vast amount of orders for scientists, professors and researchers. In most cases, papers without the benefit of review are not allowed to be published. Customers often contact us to correct their scientific articles in English or Russian, as without editing work that has been rejected due to a number of grammar and syntactic errors. In most cases, after corrections are made by our specialists, papers are accepted to be published without any further issues. Our team or our specialists will ensure your text quality is ready for publication.

It is not an easy thing to prepare a scientific article to be published. Material gathering is only the first step. The article must be written in clear, accurate language for the reading to understand the intended objective. Data, difficult for perception, must be added with tables, schemes and drawings. Footnotes must be correct, checked and clarified.

When working on a scientific content, it is necessary to follow strict demands of academic & scientific articles. Unfortunately, even if an author has taken into account every detail, his paper might be rejected without a careful examination before submission. This happens if an article written in a foreign language has a lot of grammar, spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation. Due to diligent work by our proofreaders of academic & scientific texts, the aforementioned issues can be avoided. Our specialists will correct any grammatical & stylistic mistakes; check how much the text corresponds to a magazine requirements, edit fonts and correct misprints.

We provide proofreading services of scientific papers and researchers in various fields, including medicine, biology and exact sciences.

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