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Proofreading and Editing Services

It`s human nature to notice the mistakes of others, but not of their own. That is why text proofreading and editing provided by an independent editor is invaluable.

Our company has been providing editing text services for more than 15 years. We offer services of professional editors Russian, English, German, Chinese and 38 other languages. The full list of our working languages can be found in the price list for editorial services.

It might be difficult to write a text in Russian, English or any other language, if it`s not your native language. This is especially the case if the subjects are scientific, technical or medical. A scientific text often includes ideas, arguments and theories that must be clear for readers. However, even if you have vast scientific knowledge, you must express it in the right words. It must be informative and interesting. Even substantial and original work may lose its brilliance and be ill-received, if the text is amateurish and not worked out properly for understanding.

You are not obliged to be a linguist or a professional translator in order to write a text in English or Russian. However, this sort of a text will be full of mistakes, incoherent construction, broken sentence structure, phrases, collocations and grammar mistakes. As a result, the translation quality, as a whole will be poor.

With professional editors, you can have an accurate text- saving it from unfortunate mistakes & misprints that are irrelevant to the main text. Editors will check grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure resulting in a text that is professional, correct & clear.

Nearly all of us, who see an illiterate text, will form a negative first impression of the meaning and author. You can avoid it, by giving your text over for professional proofreading.

If Russian, English, German, Spanish, Chinese or other language are not native for you, contact our company and we will choose a redactor for your topic. Maybe that very step will help you remove some obstacles on the way to your success.

Our editors

All of our editors and proofreaders are native speakers of the languages they work with and professional linguists who have their own particular style of copywriting. They are able to work with almost any sort of text. Our company has been collaborating only with professional redactors and proofreaders, whose work experience is at least 3 to 10 years. Among our staff, there are experts in technical, legal and medical fields. Copyediting services are in great demand. We offer the following editorial services:
  • Literary proofreading
    Literary proofreading and editing includes spelling, grammar & text style checking. It is the most popular service. Most customers understand it as proofreading. In that case an editor does not correct logic errors and do not follow terminology. Proofreading is always provided by a native speaker.

  • Technical editing
    Technical editing is provided by an editor or a translator, who knows the specific terminology well. The editor pays attention to accuracy and cohesiveness of common terms. Logical mistakes, but less then at the text checking, are corrected as well - as there is no chance to study the original text.

  • Checking of a translated text
    This service checks the proper translation and meaning of the original text. Logic, grammar and verbal mistakes are to corrected, while stylistic ones are left without change. Both the original and translated texts are required to provide the service.

  • Complex proofreading and editing
    Complex proofreading and editing supposes a set of full editing services. Profile copy editing also includes the work of two editors: literary and technical. The literary editor checks and corrects spelling, grammar, vocabulary and style. The technical editor checks terminology is accurate and clear.

  • Proofreading of website layout and texts
    Proofreading is important as often, the text layout may have incorrect hyphenation, some words, letters, figures and other elements might be lost. Especially if the webmaster does not know the language. Proofreading of a composed text is provided by a professional translator of the necessary language. It includes checking how much the original text corresponds to the composed one.

Measure unit

The original text measures the text volume definition. Ordering a copyediting a text page of 1800 symbols or 250 words is considered to be a measure unit. Exceptions are Oriental languages, where the volume is defined according to the number of signs, depending on the language: Arabic - 1200 signs a page, Chinese & Japanese - 450 signs a page, Hebrew - 900 signs, Hindi - 1200 signs a page. We work with following file formats: doc, ppt, xls, pdf, cdr, ai.

Working Process

  1. Send us a text to be edited or proofread (via email or in any other way you can).
  2. Choose an editing style: Academic (scientific texts on physics, mathematics, chemistry and researches), Business (website, presentations, letters and reports), Studying (essays, dissertations, papers).
  3. Indicate a desired date for the work to be fulfilled and additional conditions for the editor.
  4. Confirm and pay your order.

You can use services of our editors and proofreaders to write articles, ad texts, site & presentations. If you need a translation into Russian with advanced style and precision of the used technology, ask us and order services of translation and editing made by a Russian Speaker.

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